High Anxiety

HIGH ANXIETY is a Mel Brooks song/movie some of you might remember. It’s also a common feeling for a writer. It hits at, say, a few weeks before your next book releases. Even with a hyper critical  insightful editor, awesome beta readers, and dedicated ARC readers, I still get anxious before putting a new book out there. Is it funny enough? (Is it funny at all?) Is the romance swoony enough? Are the stakes high enough, menacing moments frequent enough, conflicts sufficiently … conflict-y?

So I turned to one of my favorite 20th century products: the sticky note.

I started reading through the manuscript again, popping a yellow note wherever I lol’d, a pink one for romantic angst, a green one for menace, and white ones for something harder to describe which I call “heart.” (Maybe “emotional core” is more descriptive? Nah, I like “heart.”) I was scared I might not be able to find even five examples of each of these, so I spent all day yesterday going through the first 1/2 of the manuscript before other things called me away, and … whew! I guess there is a bit of each of those things I was panicking about having left out.


(As you can see, the swoony romance takes a few pages to get going when the author makes the hero and heroine, you know, LIVE IN THE WRONG CENTURIES.)

So there you have it, an anxious day in the writing life of this writer, which prolly fits since the main character in this story has an excess of anxiety. Okay. How ’bout a giveaway? By way of a cover reveal! (Woo-hoo!!) I have a fridge magnet showing the new book cover (in center of magnet) and I’ll give it away to someone who posts in the comments answering this question: what makes you anxious? (Bonus points if you share how you get past it!) 


(P.S. If you want to check out the song HIGH ANXIETY, here’s a link. At a minute in length, it’s good for a a quick laugh!)