A Thief in Time

A Thief in Time

He can't stay; she can't let him go.

Series: The Thief in Time Series, Book 1

Halley’s world is full of hand-outs and hand-me-downs. Even her apartment bedroom is shared, with her distant and self-centered mother. Halley has only a battered blue truck to call her own—until she meets Edmund, the second Earl of Shaftesbury. Edmund has a manor, employs dozens of servants, and has never been close to falling in love—until Halley crashes into his life during an accidental trip to 1598. Now a spiraling series of encounters with a dangerous time-traveling thief will bring their worlds together with heartbreaking ramifications.

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The amount of research that went into scientific believability for time travel and historical accuracy for 1598 England is clear!
-- Emily R