Cidney Swanson ~ Email Whitelist Instructions

Whitelist Me!

I promise, this takes only seconds.

If you’re using any email client other than Gmail, visit and choose your email provider.

If you have Gmail, simply create a filter to say my emails belong in your inbox. 😀

This is not complicated and takes less than 20 seconds. (Please note you can do this on a browser ONLY and not using a smartphone app.)

(1): Click the three dots in the righthand corner of the email and choose “Filter messages like these.” (It should look like this image below.)

(2) Next make sure the “FROM” line says and click “Create filter” like this:

(3) Finally, check “Never send to spam” categorize the email as Primary, check “Also apply filters to matching conversations” and click “Create Filter” again.

Thank you! That’s everything. Now you can enjoy the emails you signed up for!

PS: One last trick: if you do not see an expected email from Cidney Swanson in your Inbox, it may be in your spam folder. Please open your spam folder and if you find an email from Cidney Swanson open it and mark it as “Not spam”.