Tsarina Scholar Woodsman Thief

Tsarina Scholar Woodsman Thief

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Series: The Five Kingdoms Series

“A charming tale brimming with magic, beauty, action, and memorable characters … Swanson ably juggles everything and everyone, delivering both an intriguing plot and lyrical prose….” Kirkus Reviews

A pair of estranged siblings, a tsarina, and a woodsman must band together to outwit a crooked duke who wants them all—and isn’t particular as to “dead” or “alive.” Here be dragons and sirens, magical gifts and dread debts, deeds noble and foolhardy. With a touch of Narnia and a dash of Baba Yaga, it’s a tale that reads like balm for the weary in soul.

Glance over the first lines. Peruse the first chapter. And then find your coziest reading nook and settle in, preferably with a “Do Not Disturb” sign nearby.

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