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I’m pretty much always working on the next book, lol! So far, I’ve got the seven-book Ripple series, the six-book Saving Mars series, the eight-book Thief in Time series, the three-book Shadow of Mars series, and a standalone, Siren Spell.

I’ve got discussion questions for Rippler, below. If your book group is reading something else, reach out to me, and I’ll be happy to send questions.

  • Describe Sam’s friendship with Will. How does it change as the novel progresses?
  • What challenges does Sam face at the beginning of the story? How do these change (or recede) as the story progresses?
  • Many of the characters in the novel have experienced death first-hand (within their immediate family.) Some have not. How are these two groups (those who’ve known death and those who haven’t) different from one another?
  • The children in the black book experiments experienced the death of their fellows. How would you surmise that this has affected them?
  • What central theme (or themes) in the novel did you find most interesting?
  • Non-literal invisibility is central to this book. Trace Sam’s journey from the novel’s beginning to end.
  • At Illilouette Creek, Mickie is furious at Will for sharing what he knows. Is her heart in the right place or not? How about by the book’s end? Has she changed?
  • How does the writer use the device of the journal entries to tell the story? What do these entries accomplish?
  • Compare and contrast the lives of Will and Sam. How do two such different people come to be friends? What one thing do you think each would value most highly about the other?

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