All I Ever Wanted – Cidney Swanson

All I Ever Wanted

I accomplished a huge life-goal over Memorial Day Weekend.  Since I was seven, I have wanted to write a book.  That goal morphed into “I want to write a book people will buy” as the years went on. Rippler (the book formerly known as “Ripple”) went live on Amazon this weekend and, shock of shocks, people bought it.  People not related to me.  (I would know this because I had more than the two sales I coerced family members into making!)  I spent my birthday (on traditional Mem. Day) pulling weeds and laying compost in the yard, and all day I had this happy flutter in my belly.
I did it!  I really did it!
My seven-year-old self just grinned and grinned.

Book One in the Ripple Series 2.99 at Amazon

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