Cutting Hair – Cidney Swanson

Cutting Hair

I did it. I went back to the pixie-short cut you can see on the right. After years of ponytailing and pulling the bundle of blond out of the turtleneck, I did it. And it feels GREAT! Honestly, what was I thinking, having thick, long hair in a climate like that of the Willamette Valley? Nothing ever really dries here, ya’ know? So now I can dry this head o’ hair in about 5 minutes, tops. WOW! Which means: more time for what I love! Books! Baking!

This week I’m reading The Nineteenth Wife set both in 1875 and the present. The dual-story keeps you from getting bored. I’m enjoying the multiple narrative techniques as well. The writer uses court depositions, diaries, pages from the Internet, and the first person narrative of the main character, a twenty-something boy/man. Still not entirely sure where the whole ball of wax is heading, but it is a fascinating look into plural marriages in the 19th and 21st centuries.

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