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New Ripple Title Coming (Very) Soon!

If you have read about my writing habits, you know I like lots and lots of revision. I also find it super helpful to step away from my stories in between drafts. Over the course of a year and a half, I have a lot of “down time” during which I set my manuscripts aside to age.

This year (and a half), I did something fantabulous with all that downtime: I wrote a whole ‘nother book! I am so very pleased to announce that the Ripple Trilogy now has a companion title. Okay, it’s a read-after title.  But it is full length and it is publishing just in time for Valentine’s Day.  *Squee!*

visible ms

VISIBLE, A Ripple Novel, tells the story of Gwyn and Christian in the days after Unfurl ends. If you aren’t already on the New Release List, you might want to sign up now!  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this story, and I can’t wait to hear what you think. (Yes, that is the actual first page from one of the late revisions of VISIBLE.)

Next week: Cover Reveal!

Are we excited yet???

**Mars fans who are holding your breath: so am I. Actually, I’m working like crazy to get it finalized for release this Spring.**

4 Replies to “New Ripple Title Coming (Very) Soon!”

    1. Hey Jeremy, It’s being worked on as I write! I’d say the paperbacks will be available through Createspace in about 2 weeks. I’ll announce on the blog and facebook. Thanks for your interest!

    1. Hi Daryl,
      I do plan to put out more titles set in this world. I just really got to missing the characters! (Plus: invisibility!)

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