Saving Mars-Chapter One – Cidney Swanson

Saving Mars-Chapter One

Saving Mars: Book One in the Saving Mars Series

Have I told any of you lately how grateful I am to have readers? I just paused for several minutes after writing that sentence.  I was trying to find an adequate way to express the big-ness of the gratitude. And words failed me. Not an admirable quality in a writer, but there you have it. My breath gets knocked clean out of me every time I consider that there are thousands of people out there enjoying the books I wrote. Thank you, dear reader, for reading. Thank you so very much.

I know that some of you are jumping-up-and-down excited that I have a Sci/Fi series coming out while others of you are side-eyeing the whole idea and wondering why I didn’t stick to something a bit more like Rippler. Well, for both groups, I now present Chapter One of Saving Mars so that you can have a gander and see if it is for you. (The early reports from non-Sci-Fi lovers are that this transcends their aversion. So–yay!)

Let me know what you think!

Chapter One


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