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Signs of Spring

We are still freezing our tushies off here in Oregon (mostly because it is a damp, wet, soggy cold), but there are some definite signs of spring around my house. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Daffodils, Crocuses (Croci?), and the hot pink Hyacinth I need to replant because it bugs me so close to my red front door.
  • Household projects including ripping out old carpet and sanding/refinishing a beautiful wood floor. (Should have done that years ago.)
  • I’m dreaming of summer. (Something I only allow myself to do after Equinox, TYVM.)
  • I’m thinking of publishing an Official Ripple Trilogy Cookbook.

Yes, you heard right. As if the Space Trilogy, Ballet and Goblin Standalone, and Greek Novel currently in varying stages of development weren’t enough, I’ve almost decided to write down all those recipes for the food that gets mentioned in the Ripple Trilogy. I mean, come summer, with fresh tomatoes in the garden, I’m going to want Will’s salsa recipe, no? (Although I probably won’t use a Serrano pepper)

(That’s a loaf of Will’s Sourdough Bread. With edits of Unfurl in the background.)

So what do you think? Would you like to see a recipe from your fave character or two of the series? (Please don’t pick Sir Walter. I dread to think what was considered yummy in the 14th century! Oh, wait, didn’t he make a cassoulet? *runs to check in Chameleon* Why, yes, he did!)

Time to whip out your copies of Rippler, Chameleon, and Unfurl. What food did you read about that you would like to see a recipe for? Enter your requested recipe below for a chance to win something fun, and signed, that I’ve never given away before. (Hint: I went browsing on one of those online “We print your images on Stuff” sites and found something I couldn’t resist.) This giveaway will be US unless I get more than twenty five entries. At that point I’d be open to shipping this item international . . .

Hugs and Hyacinths,

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12 Replies to “Signs of Spring”

  1. Well, the pizza would include at least three recipes, really. You have the dough, then you have that sauce that Will and Sam made together where she cuts his knuckles, then you have the "pizza" itself. (I.e., hula lula, four cheese, etc.) So, Ally, Pat and Sophie, there's plenty of pizza to go around!

  2. I was also going to say Will's pizza, but since that'a already been said twice, I'll go with Will's sourdough bread. I bake bread weekly, as that's the only bread we eat, but have never found a sourdough recipe I like – it's never sour enough. So, that's what I would like to see. Because, you know, hope springs eternal!

  3. Aspenjules, I would totes have to include the sourdough bread recipe. I could use a little research on how to revive a sourdough culture. (To make it more sour, ultimately.) I'll ask Will . . .

  4. I saw something somewhere (helpful, aren't I?) about adding a bit of vinegar to it, I think? to make it more sour. I don't know. And yes, the sourdough starter would have to be included. I don't remember how to make that.

  5. I know that industrial bakers sometimes use vinegar or lemon juice to give additional "tang" to their breads. But you wouldn't want to add it to an actual culture, as it would change the flora/fauna balance of the culture and likely kill it off for good–eek! I have a favorite interwebs link for making a culture from scratch. I will have to hunt it down…

  6. Stacia, You are a genius! I had totally missed the salade nicoise when I started compiling the list! Will's salsa, on the other hand, is totally on that list. 😀 I'll tell Will he has to research the salade (since he was the one who wanted it in Nice!)

  7. I don't remember who made it (I *think* it was Will) or which book it was in (I *think* it was Rippler), but the chocolate birthday cake that comes up at some point had my mouth watering… 🙂

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