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What Do You Call an Author Who…

What do you call an author who forgot to hit “post” on her new book launch announcement?

Um…Busy? Blush-y-faced? Buried in promo?


Heh. Yeah. So, all of the above. Which necessitated a bit of a re-write of said blog post. Losing Mars, Book Three in the Saving Mars Series has, indeed, launched. I’ll tease you with the description:

Some Goodbyes Are More Final Than Others
Jessamyn has survived a terrifying crash but lost her ship, joining Pavel, Ethan, and others in the dissenter settlement of Yucca. Now, Chancellor Lucca Brezhnaya believes Jess is out to destroy the Terran government, and Lucca will stop at nothing to find Jess. The trail of tellurium left in the Mars Raiders’ wake makes them vulnerable to discovery, and when Lucca places a spy in their midst, secrets are spilled that could mean the loss of everything–and everyone–Jess holds dear.

And, dear reader, if you act quickly, you can catch this title on sale on Amazon for 2.99 (reg. 4.99) e-book. The paperback is 12.99 through Amazon and should soon be up on Powells and Barnes & Noble as well.

I think this is the best cover yet in this series. What do you think? Vote in the comments section of the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a signed copy of Losing Mars, paperback for US, ebook for int’l!
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24 Replies to “What Do You Call an Author Who…”

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth!! I’ve got the books through Brodart and Follett now–did I tell you? (At least, they should be avail. there if I ticked the right boxes…) I might have to look around for a library donation copy, too… 😀

  1. I would say a very busy author. I love all your books and cant wait for anything more from either series. Keep up the great writing.

  2. I do like your new cover alot. But its almost a tie with the first book of the series.

    Of all your books i like the cover of Chameleon the best.

    1. Awwww. 😀 I have a total soft spot for that cover. In my mind, it is sort of Juno, as in, Well of Juno. But something about the mood of the pose, the girl’s expression, is also a perfect match for Sam’s emotional state in the book. Thanks for voting!

  3. I happened to notice last week that Losing Mars was available, so I bought it on the 11th. I read it and enjoyed it, but I’ve got a question for you… are there plans for more books? I was thinking it was going to be a trilogy, but now I’m not so sure. 🙂 In any case, I was glad to be able to read book three!

    1. Emily: easy answer–there’s another book still coming! I reeeeeeally love this world, and I just couldn’t fit it all in three books. (I was trying, and then I was all, “Um. No.”)

    1. Thanks, GK! I hope you enjoy it! (Also–totally tangential, but I used to own a company called Garden Kids and when I see the initials “GK” all I can think of is organic cotton children’s clothing!)

  4. I love this cover the best out of all the series. So pretty! (Not to mention the fact that purple is my favorite cover)

  5. I am so sorry I keep commenting. I don’t think it is accepting my comments! -eye twitch- What I am trying to say is I like this cover the best, though Saving Mars’ cover is a close second. 🙂 Hopefully it works this time!

    1. Gabi S. (and everyone!!!), I am so sorry about the delay getting your comments posted. I was at this gooooorgeous lake next to Tahoe for a writer’s retreat, and I couldn’t get reliable internet. It was somewhat panic-inducing and somewhat wonderful. But mostly the former. ;o)

  6. I really enjoyed your books, despite not being a young adult. I have bought and read all of them and now I have a nagging question of who is this lovely girl on the cover? It is not a prurient question as am a 45-year-old woman who is happily married, I just think she’s beautiful and would be interested to know she’s done any other modeling work

    1. Anna, the image is from a stock photo which my cover artist used to create the cover. (I believe it is called licensing.) The model is lovely, isn’t she? I have no way of knowing how much modeling work she has done, but I have occasionally seen other books covers featuring her. Cheers, Cidney

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