When Childhood Dreams Come True – Cidney Swanson

When Childhood Dreams Come True

When I was five, I was given three wonderful things: a library card, books to read, and the nickname “Cidney.” When I was seven, I learned that there was a job where you wrote stories. I was sure this was the best job in the world. I was sure it was what I wanted to do with my life. And although I tried on other ideas for anywhere from a few weeks (magician, violinist) to years (actor, costumer), my baseline “what I want to be” was always: AUTHOR.

When self-publishing burst into my awareness in 2011, I decided to go that direct-to-reader route, and I’ve never been sorry. I love this method of publishing. I am doing what I always wanted to do: making a living as a writer. I’ve loved it so much that I pretty much shelved the idea of being published by, you know, a publisher.

But then Amazon came knocking.

And how could I not be excited about that?? So, long story short, I’m super excited to announce that Amazon has bought A THIEF IN TIME for re-release August 8th, 2017 under their Kindle Press imprint. It’s been wonderful working with the team at Kindle Press, including the part where they convinced me to address my possible overuse of hyphens, italics, and ellipses. (Other awesome copy editors and proofreaders have nudged me this direction. I guess I just felt more responsibility to stop my wicked ways now that a publisher besides me will have their name associated with the title.) Anywhooo, I was realizing this week that this, really, was my childhood dream coming true. Ha! What do ya’ know?

Over the next couple weeks, I thought it would be fun if I shared some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that went into writing A Thief in Time, so look for that in your inbox (or here) soon. I’ll cover the research trips I made, how and why I decided to have characters from the past visit the present instead of the other way around, and how my personal life as a resident of Montecito and an art student colored the setting. I can’t wait to share all of this with you!

Meanwhile, I’m celebrating the upcoming re-release with a mini teaser/trailer and something dark chocolate. Only one of these is shareable. What d’ya think?

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