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Blog Tour!

It’s here! The official beginning of the Official Unfurl Blog Tour!

And I’m kicking it off with a BIG BANG! Today, from 12:01AM ’til midnight tonight, RIPPLER will be free at Yes, that’s right–FREE! Please spread the word! ‘Cause when it’s over at 11:59PST tonight, it’s over. So head over to and for goodness’ sake, tweet to your BFFs about this one.
But Wait! There’s more!

For the next 36 days, I’ll be hopping all over the blog-o-sphere giving interviews, doing guest posts, receiving reviews of Unfurl and giving away over a hundred kindle-copies of my books! Yes, you read that correctly. Thanks to my new best friend Rafflecopter, (see my commercial break below) most of the host sites are doing giveaways of the trilogy. Every day. Yeah. It’s big and I can’t wait.

Since some of you would probably looooooove to win a free kindle set of the whole trilogy, here is a list of where I will be and what day I’ll be there. Sites who opted out of the trilogy giveaway are usually giving away something else, so don’t despair if you don’t see a Rafflecopter. Just read the post/interview/whatever carefully to see what they are giving away!

Day One: January 10, 2012 My Blog!  Rippler Freebie Day! Send friends here:
Day Two: January 11, 2012 Double-Whammy!  and
Day Three: January 12, 2012
Day Four: January 13, 2012
Day Five: January 14, 2012
Day Six: January 15, 2012
Day Seven: January 16, 2012
Day Eight: January 17, 2012
Day Nine: January 18, 2012
Day Ten: January 19, 2012
Day Eleven: January 20, 2012
Day Twelve: January 21, 2012
Day Thirteen: January 22, 2012
Day Fourteen: January 23, 2012 [Had to bow out–this could be your blog here!]
Day Fifteen: January 24, 2012
Day Sixteen: January 25, 2012 greatmindsthinkaloud AND The Writer’s Voice
Day Seventeen: January 26, 2012
Day Eighteen: January 27, 2012
Day Nineteen: January 28, 2012
Day Twenty: January 29-31, 2012 Available!
February: Check back. My fingers are tired. 😉

*Commercial Break*

If you are a blogger who gives things away, and if you haven’t tried Rafflecopter yet, you should. The sites above are using it to do the trilogy giveaways I referenced. So, here. Try it. And maybe you’ll win a cool iPad or Fire onto which you can download, oh, say, a copy of my book(s) that you won on one of the above sites!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Okay. Commercial Break over.

It’s time for me to get some sleep so I can check my download numbers all day write tomorrow. And, in case you didn’t already pick up on this: I really hope you win something fabulous!


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