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UNFURL: The Great Giveaway

Bringing out the third in a trilogy is very, very, (very) exciting for me! And that means I need to spread the excitement. Share the love. Give stuff away. Would you like an ARC of Unfurl and a signed bookmark (swag from Chameleon/Rippler events)? You’re in luck! Fill out the Rafflecopter form below (you may need to press “read more” to make it show up.) Then sit back and wait to see if you’re one of three lucky winners!

This giveaway is in addition to the Unfurl Official Blog Tour Stops where I’ll be giving away complete kindle versions of The Ripple Trilogy every day from January 10-February 14. (You’ll want to check back for a special Valentine’s Day giveaway!) Hope you’re feeling the love!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

32 Replies to “UNFURL: The Great Giveaway”

  1. If I could turn invisible I would turn invisible go to some store like walmart and just pick up things randomly just to freak people out ;D plus I could totally do what the cat in Alice in Wonderland does, pop in and out of sight 😀

  2. Of i could turn invisible i would probably learn some basic magic tricks and then stun my audience by disappearing… no matter how hard they tried they would never be able to duplicate my act 🙂

  3. Brandi, I mean how awesome to have that name of Sydney. ;D (Did she turn invisible? Sorry, total ALIAS ignoramus!)

    Karin–Ha! That would be good. Most of us get our work done by withholding chocolate and/or caffeine until "x" number of words are typed.

    Book Love: perfect–I love it. And I wouldn't laugh.

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