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Book for You, Food for Kids

I’m very excited to announce a week of royalties donated to one of my favorite charities: Feeding America. As my readers know, the teens in my books eat–a lot. But not all children are so lucky, and Feeding America provides food for those who would otherwise go hungry.

From now until May 12, I’ll be donating the proceeds from the 9.99 sale of my trilogy set (about $7) to feed kids. (Click here.)

Please visit to buy a copy for yourself, a mom in your life, or a friend–a week or so of reading for you, two weeks of food for a child in need. Thank you so much.

PS I’ve included a sneak preview from the Official Rippler Cookbook in the Ripple Set. Will’s Killer Pizza, anyone? Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much, everyone who bought a copy of the Fundraiser book! You've made it possible for me to send 1,700 pounds of food out to the hungry through Feeding America. I'm thrilled!

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