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ePub, Get your ePubs Here!

I am out of contract with Amazon today, and for those of you who prefer not to read in Kindle format, this might be news you’ve been waiting for. If you need an ePub to read RIPPLER, just let me know in the comments. As I announced last week, I’ll be sending ’em out for a couple days.

Also: I have some winners to announce from last week’s giveaway:

Tracey-Cheryl T-Brittany-Bethsflutterby-KATA-Naomi-Cheri Schmidt-Juhina-Charlotte-Heather-Emilie-Shauna-Bonnie!!! If you think your name should be on this list and it isn’t, let me know! I’ll go double check the records from the Rafflecopter. If you are on this list, I’ll be contacting you shortly. I’m traveling at the moment (research for next novel! Woot!)

Boring post, but that’s all I got today!
Make it a great one,
PS Here is how I fuel my writing when traveling:

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  1. Halima, I couldn't find your contact info through blogger,and that has slowed me down. But if you email me at cidneyswanson at gmail dot com I can gift you a copy through Amazon.

  2. Oh, Jennifer, I'm so sorry! The free ePub (ebook for Nook) offer is done. Can I gift you a copy of Rippler through Amazon instead? They have mobi files for reading on a Kindle or on your computer using the Kindle app. If you're interested, email me. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What an amazing series, now I’ve got my daughter’s my Grandaughter my Dr’s office nurses, and my online girl gamers group all hooked, I simply adore an amazing story line, make it into a movie, i wouldpay to see it.

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