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Twenty-Five is a Big Number

Twenty-five months is a long time to go without a paycheck. I made a few remarks about that in January back when it first looked like I could make a living as an author. So, yeah. Big Number.

And since our neighbors to the north (the Canadians) see fit to have a week dedicated to Read an E-Book, I thought this week would be a great time to give away, oh, say TWENTY-FIVE copies of my best-seller, Rippler.
Oh, did you notice what I did there? Yes, dear reader, YOU have made Rippler an official best-seller on Amazon. Can you believe it? I’m feeling pretty thrilled, myself. (And somewhat dazed, but that is another story.) Rippler has been on all kinds of top 100 lists for the past two weeks over at Amazon. My personal faves were:

On the left above, you can see my book on the Bestseller Page for Teen Fantasy and Science Fiction getting an amazing book hug. (Thanks, Lois Lowry and Suzanne Collins–you are both so epic that I’m speechless!) Next is a list I was rather proud to be on, as it lists by popularity instead of bestseller ranking. It is also a Fantasy list, but includes adult as well as children’s fantasy. In case you needed a closer view of that same one, well . . . I know I had to look several times to make sure it was real.
This one on the right is the Top 100 List for Children for the entire Kindle Store. Yup. There I am on the day my book was made free by Amazon and reached #1. (The pics above are from paid sales!) Anyway, this pic is pretty darned cool. (Hi again, Suzanne Collins! Can I call you Ms. Collins? *squirms nervously, blushing*) Thanks to readers like you, my book got all the way to the top on the best list of all: Children’s eBooks!
Speaking of free: free is a pretty good thing, wouldn’t you say? So let’s give away some copies of Rippler, the best-selling title from Amazon! (Good news for Nook owners: I will give you an ePub if you prefer, so long as you reply by March 15th!) I’m going to give away TWENTY-FIVE  copies. (Now, watch. I’ll do this and there won’t be twenty-five takers. Then I’ll be blushing for a different reason…) Speaking of which, it would be lovely if you told your friends about the giveaway. After all, it is Read an E-book week in Canada!
Let’s have an answer to the question:
What book would you like to read for free? (No, I’m not shillin’ here. Okay. Maybe a little.)

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32 Replies to “Twenty-Five is a Big Number”

  1. Hey Cheryl, Blogger is having a meltdown of some sort, so I removed your comment. I loved your comment. I want to marry your comment. But unfortunately, it was making the page look really strange . . . Hugs to you, Cheryl!

  2. Hi! I loved Rippler!! Would love to get a copy of Unfurl or Chameleon!!! Love, Love, Love your writing!! (an adult! don't tell!!)

  3. Hi. Read Rippler and loved it! Wrote you a 5 star review on under the name skybluespirit. Would be so grateful to receive book 2 of your Rippler series if possible. I'm 63 years old and I think Rippler would appeal to all age groups! Look forward to more of your writings in the future! Thanks! Liz

  4. Hi Bonnie! I keep hearing it is unique. That makes me very happy, of course, but I am hardly in a position to judge its truthfulness . . . Best wishes on the drawing. I think the odds are, er, in your favor!

  5. Liz, I can't tell you how much it means that you think Rippler has cross-age appeal. Yay! Thanks for letting me know your age as well. I'm hard at work on another series. To get book two, just send me an email reminding me you are skybluespirit. I loved your review!

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