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I am so terribly sorry that I’m so late posting about this, but Amazon has my book FREE today, February 28, Tuesday. So get over and grab a copy! And then, because I’m feeling guilty about forgetting to notify everyone on my blog earlier about this, I’ll be doing some Rippler giveaways in a week or so! Stay tuned . . .

Also, for those of you who read on Nooks, yes, Rippler has been exclusively available through Amazon. My plan, right now, is to offer free ePub copies to anyone who follows my blog during the week of March 10th. My exclusivity contract with Amazon will expire at that time, and before I sign a new one with them, I’d like to give away some ePubs. So, if you have a Nook, or know someone who does, let them know they can contact me that week of March 10th and I’ll send ’em out free.

As for why I would enter into an exclusive contract to sell Rippler only at Amazon, well, it’s complicated. Amazon made me an offer which allowed me to finally start making a living wage as an author. They make it easy to put my book for sale, easy to make changes to my book (as often as I want) and, say what you will about some of their business practices or aims, they are so nice to me as both a customer and an author. “Easy” and “Nice” go a long way with me. “Easy” means that I can spend time writing instead of pulling my hair out because some system isn’t working or doesn’t recognize my document or [insert writerly dilemma here]. “Nice” means that when I call Amazon to tell them that all of my reviews have disappeared during a promotion, they help me quickly and (shocking!) apologize for the mistake.

So, bottom line here:
(1) Rippler free today on Amazon
(2) I’ll be doing giveaways in a week for twenty lucky winners!
(3) When that finishes, it should be March 10th, and I’ll be giving away ePub copies of Rippler for another week or so!

If you want a free copy of Rippler, it’s looking good!

6 Replies to “Giveaways”

  1. Tori, Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the books. You must be a very fast reader. I am constantly lamenting how it takes so long to write a book compared to how fast I can read a book. Le sigh. Ah, well.
    Anyway, thanks for letting me know! It means a lot. If you get a chance to write a few words down over on Amazon, that would mean a lot, too! 😀

  2. hi i really liked the first book but i want to buy the second book is there going to be giveaways for the second book any time soon

  3. Hey my anonymous friend,
    Read the very end of the book carefully. You'll see an opportunity there. Actually, it's at the end, after the book ends. Does that make sense? I think you'll like what you find! Email me cidneyswanson at gmail dot com if you have any questions!

    Thanks for stopping by, also! 😉

  4. I read rippler on my kindle. I found it in the free books and was so happy to find a "new" story. I read very quickly and often, about a book a-day, it is a very expensive addiction! LOL! I LOVED this book! I love fantasy but I was so grateful to find a book that the main element was not mythological. I even posted a review on amazon. Thanks for the refreshment Cidney! Rippler was great!

  5. Tiffany,I saw your review and totally squeed about it. I love it when someone notices the things you noticed.

    Also, a little *squee* for you (I hope) if you can email me at cidneyswanson at gmail dot com with "Amazon Review" in the subject line.

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