Sometimes, what you need most in life is a sprinkle of silly. This past weekend, I got to hang out with the girls of the Ladies Night Out Book Club of Eugene for a BREAKING DAWN party. There was a catch, of course. Costumes were requested. Okay, I thought, I can do this–I used to design costumes. (Really. I got an MFA to learn how.) Some of the guests went “wedding dress” or “prom dress;” I went Volturi. Yup, that’s right: Volturi as in the Italian clan who tend to wear fashions a bit “ago.”

But what’s the fun of silly if you don’t share it? So, here you are. That’s me, posing  in an Italian renaissance gown with Edward. (He wanted me. I could tell.) Can you see the shiny thing on my right ring finger? That is an actual ring from Volterra, Italy, for which I paid a whopping eighteen euros. (About twenty-five bucks.)

Buying the ring was a silly something I did a few years back. It sparkles, and I got it in Volterra. Get it? Something sparkly from Volterra? (We didn’t know at the time that the actual filming of New Moon happened in Montepulciano instead of Volterra.)  But the silliness didn’t end there. Oh, no. See that clock? That’s one of a bazillion pictures I took of the Volterran clock tower as it flipped over to twelve noon!Yeah, standing there and snapping pics of a clock tower . . . Another silly thing I did. Because sometimes a little silly is exactly what you need.

How about you? Anyone else haul out their inner silly for Valentine’s? C’mon. What d’ya got for me?


  1. I mostly just ate chocolate. I'd hate to be a vampire — I could never eat chocolate again…

    Seriously. Imagine having to eat/drink only blood for the rest of your eternal existence! It would really, well, suck.

  2. Yup, have to agree with you Laura W! Especially about the chocolate part. Okay: one more silly thing (since it's just between you and me 😉 My contrib to the Breaking Dawn party was dark chocolate hearts. I had everyone eat them when Bella's heart stopped beating. How's that for silly?

  3. Cidney, after reading this post, I feel we could be kindred spirits… had I had the chance I would have bought that ring and taken countless photos of that clock tower too! Oh… and the costume… FABULOUS!!
    I have nothing to confess for Valentine's… very boring really as I had a semi-sick husband to contend with (he had a cold, no sorry, man flu!)

  4. Man flu! Ha! That's a good one I'll have to share with my oh-so-manly nephew who wouldn't be caught dead with a cold.

    Re. the ring, clock tower, and costume: Totally delighted to hear you're with me on those!! My sister, cousin, and I took so many pics of the clock that other people stopped, watched us, and took their own pics. I don't think they knew the significance of the clock, though. I'd bet on it. They were kinda like, well, hey, I guess that must be famous. Or something. *snap-click*

  5. I just have to say, I LOVE your dress 🙂 I am a Regency era girl myself, I do a lot of sewing in that period. But Renaissance, from any country, is always gorgeous 🙂

    (p.s. I'm S E Woodman from the Amazon review 😉 )


  6. Lol, exclamations are fun, as are smilies 😉 I'm a smiley addict, and I admit it. 😛 Or emoticons, or anything I can type in to make a silly face ^_^

  7. Oh! Hey Shana! Lovely to see you here.

    Regency is such a lovely era! I can totally see the appeal! But, yeah, Renaissance is pretty fun, too.

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