January 31, 2012 A Day Off Plus ARC Giveaway! – Cidney Swanson

January 31, 2012 A Day Off Plus ARC Giveaway!

I’m taking a day off from blog touring, so I thought I’d instead direct your attention to a very fine blogger. Her review of Unfurl can be read there. And let’s throw in a giveaway while we’re at it. ;D

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10 Replies to “January 31, 2012 A Day Off Plus ARC Giveaway!”

  1. Ally, Microme, Krystal, thanks for stopping in!

    SupaGurl:It was a review that made me very, very happy. She praised things I'd worked hard on! Her reviews are insightful, all around, if you're looking for some well-argued positions.

  2. I was just glad that she noticed it! Figuring out how my mains would grow took a long time. . . Just finished How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr–one of the best books I've ever encountered for character growth. Uber-growth.
    Thanks for stopping by, Ariel!

  3. She said that there is emotional depth which I have found lacking in some novels. They just dont make you feel. Also the best moments were the confrontations with the villains. I like those!

    Rachel V

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