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Paper Copies, Anyone?

I am a very happy camper right now! This is the proof from Ingram and it is so pretty!

me_w_defyingIf you are a librarian, you can order copies from Brodart Company. If you are a reader wanting your own copy, it is available right now through Amazon ,and if you are willing to wait, it should show up at Barnes & Noble within the month. (Sorry, I have no control over when!)

The book’s having a nice reception in the e-world, meantime, which is how I assume someone found it and added it to their list of Hot New Sci-Fi titles! (Thanks, guys!)

So, I guess I should do another giveaway? Signed copy for US residents, e-copy for international. (And BTW, you can get it e-signed–see the linkie to the right for Authorgraph? Coolio!)

‘Kay, that’s all I got for today. Cuz, you know, busy on book three and all! Let’s see…for today’s question: Who is your fave character from FIREFLY? (Answer in comments via Rafflecopter for entry in the giveaway. Alternate question available if you haven’t watched FIREFLY. (And I’m going to have to think a spell on this one, myself.)

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9 Replies to “Paper Copies, Anyone?”

  1. Awesome! Firefly is my (and my husband’s) absolute favorite show! We were so sad when they cancelled it, but at least we have the DVDs, so every now and then we have a Firefly marathon. Favorite character? Ooh, that’s a tough one. I think I’d have to say Wash. “Who’s flying this thing? Oh, that would be me.” 🙂 But they’re all great. I think Kaylee is my second favorite. Great question!

    1. Wash. Giggle-sniffle. The plastic dinosaurs. Giggle-sniffle. Kaylee might be it for me, too, though. She’s an amazing character.

  2. Not-Rated shows are blocked on our Netflix, so I can’t watch Firefly, so I don’t know what my favorite character would be… but I still really want to win Defying Mars so I’m hoping this blog comment qualifies? *puppy-eyed begging face*

  3. It totally qualifies! I may have to change the question in any case as I think my inner geek was burning a bit too brightly with this specific of a question! ;0)

  4. Have never seen firefly, although I know my dad watched it. I’ve never really paid attention to star trek either, I generally read a book or do something else when the other half puts that on!
    I really should watch firefly at some point – i loved buffy and angel by josh whedon, have been too busy reading recently though, and I think my 2-year-old would probably protest if I turned thomas the tank engine off!
    Only just found out that ‘Defying Mars’ was out! Got to get me a copy of this soon!

  5. I can’t watch Firefly either so I’ll go with the 2nd question. The silliest –to me– character from Star Trek is Data.

  6. I haven’t seen it either!! I keep hearing how great it is so…I put it in my Qeue and I’m going to watch it. Does that count? I hope!

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