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The It’s About Time Post

I admit it’s been awhile since I’ve visited le blog. Okay. A very long while. It’s been one of those years, you know? Where there are entirely too many weddings, graduations, and writing deadlines. But I’ve been meaning to squee over showcase a few of my favorite things, and now that they’re out in the world, I figured it was time.

Before too much longer, the rest of the books will be available in paperback, too! Meanwhile, happy viewing!

(Special note: Amazon doesn’t make these covers in paperback easy to find. Boo! They tell me that they display the most popular item first, and since the old covers have been ordered WAY more times than the new, guess what they display? To order these covers and not the older covers, you have to click through a few levels! I’ll make it easy and direct link you here: Saving Mars AND Defying Mars.)

Both of these gorgeous pieces of art are by the fabulous Nathalia Suellen, who knows how to make dreams come true. Wondering about the locations for each image?Okay, okay, I’ll tell you!

So, the second one’s pretty easy: it’s the Crystal Pavilion in New Houston. The first one is trickier. Remember the Awards Banquet? There were trees inside and some of the students were picking the fruit and tossing ’em after one bite. Nathalia’s image is inspired by that moment in the trees. I would happily walk into either of those locations in a heartbeat. Well, maybe not if Lucca Brezhnaya’s nearby….

What location would you visit from the Mars series, given the chance?

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