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What Do You Need to Know?

It all started with the phrase below: She was the kind of girl who slept with books on her bed. Well, to all good things must come “The End.” books buttonI finished drafting the Mars Series all the way to the end this past week. (Drafting, mind you, is not where I put in the serious hours. Read about how my brain works here.) Anyway, as I was doing this I kept asking myself, what else will my readers want to know?

And then it occurred to me I could, you know, ASK my readers. So this is me, asking: what little or big “loose ends” are you hoping to see wrapped up when The Saving Mars Series is complete? I can’t promise that I’ll be able to fit everything in, but I can promise I’ll take your requests seriously. You, dear reader, are the reason I’ve been able to spend years with Jessamyn and company.  I truly, deeply appreciate it!

So hit me with some questions you are hoping to see answered. You might even win a button (US residents) or a sticker (international) for your efforts! (Image below.) Enter by using the Rafflecopter form!
What do you want to know?

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  1. I’m just writing things as they come to mind.

    I need to know where Pavel and Jess’s relationship goes. (Should be described using words such as “ever after” and “happy” and possibly “ceremony on Mars.”)
    I need to know Lucca’s ending (and hopefully painful demise!)
    I need to see the return of Jess to Mars, complete with her reunion with ML (I can’t remember how to spell her name!), and her and Ethan’s reunion with their parents.
    I need to know how the whole plant/Crusty/Lillian thing plays out.
    I totally need to see Pavel meeting Jess’s parents!
    I would prefer not to see Lucca getting her hands on our favorite Marsian again.
    I need to know how Pavel’s future/life in Mars works out/is going to work out. Like, his relationships with other Marsians, how Marsians in general view him, him with Jess and her family on her turf, what his profession and daily life on Mars looks like. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of Jess and Pavel happy, together, and on Mars all at once.

  2. I want Ethan to get his body back. Panel and Jess going to Mars together. Lucca getting her just deserts. Brother on Mars getting smarter about reality of situation and throwing his support to Mei. ( autocorrect) New relations between Mars and Earth.

  3. I can’t remember the name, but I need to know what happens to the butler guy who runs away with Jess and Pavel. Do something nice for him.

  4. I want Lucca’s ending to be as nice as she has been to planet earth and its inhabitants.
    The bro, Ethan, needs his body back.
    The Butler needs to be happily ensconced on Mars.
    She and Ethan need a happy reunion with their parents.
    Obviously She and Pavel need to be wed, probably in a joyful Mars wedding
    I would like Pavel to be well accepted by the Martians.
    I would lie to see the “Clan” either be well rewarded, or travel to Mars, or both.
    She needs to be named Captain, and allowed to pilot back and forth to earth from Mars.

  5. Where do I start lol??
    – What happens to Mei Lo on Mars
    – Where does Jess and Pavels relationship end up, and does Pavel make it to Mars in the end?
    – Does Ethan get his body back (or at least a younger body)?
    – Do they find the culprits for the algae scandal on Mars and does Crusty get released?
    – Does Kip have a happily ever after?
    – Does the butler also have a happily ever after?
    – And last but not least, I really want Lucca to get what’s coming for her.

    Can’t wait til the next one!

  6. This is sooooo fun, you guys. Thanks for all the questions/thoughts/etc. Mr. Zussman is especially honored (and humbled, naturally) by your concern for his wellbeing. 😀

  7. I can’t wait to read how you describe Pavals reaction of setting foot on Mars for the first time. To see the things he didn’t expect or anticipate and to see the joy in his dream coming true! Also I can’t wait to see how the walk out suits present some challenges for him and Jess 🙂 There are some great potential laughs there 🙂 I also would like to see what the future holds for them on Mars. What new adventure will they tackle together?

  8. Will Pavel and Jess have a happy ending, and where will they end up, Earth or Mars? Will Ethan get his body back? I want Lucca to pay for her crimes! I’d like to see friendly relations between the populations of Earth and Mars. I’d like a copy of the book right now! LOL

  9. Mrs. Sawnson, thank you so much for the wonderful series, The Saving Mars Series! I hope it all ends well for the good guys. Especially for Jess and Pavel and the people in Mars!!! 🙂

  10. Thanks so much for the series!
    I would like more of what it is like to live on Mars. For example when viewing the heavens in the morning or evening and seeing Earth, can the observer see Moon too? Earth would be Mars evening and morning star, but is it brighter than the Venus we see?

    I would like to know all the loose ends that have been mentioned so far. I would also suggest a last chapter or two devoted to one generation hence; describe life on Mars for middle aged Jessamine and pavel. Did they finish Marsaforming!

    As much as a fate worse than death goes for Lucca- she must give up her body to pay it back. But then what? Kept conscious as a disembodied brain for all eternity without any senses? Or better yet, the rest of her life in an old age home on Mars where she is cared for pleasently in a manner that she doesn’t deserve so that she lives with the remorse and guilt of here multiple lives of despotism till the day she dies in obscurity.

  11. Please, please, for the love of fuzzy slippers, can Ethan (pretty, pretty please) get his body back? Or at least a younger model?

    He is my favorite, and the poor little guy has earned a happy ending!

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