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Who Wants to go to NASA?

Me! And I did, too! And today’s Chinese launch of a rover to the Moon reminded me it was high time I blogged about my recent visit to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for the launch of MAVEN, the probe traveling to Mars to figure out where all the water on Mars went to. I applied as a guest of @NASASocial, which you should totally check out if you are interested in space or going to see a launch some day yourself! https://twitter.com/NASASocial

But really, pictures do such a great job of telling a story, so here are a few of my trip to NASA:


We got to hear presentations from some of the NASA women behind MAVEN!


I got to hang out at the countdown clock. That would be the same clock that counted down the Apollo missions!


And then, they let me be the launch director and say, “All systems go!” (Okay, so, just remember at this point that I make stuff up for a living.)


And then it was out to the launch site itself. Or as close as it was safe for us to get…


The launch was stunning. Even the birds thought so. (You have to love how a couple of them are all, “Dude, this happens all the time. No big.”)

Maven launches10933173944_579fc6fd06_c

And finally, some cool artwork that I found inspiring AND a copy of a dictionary in the flight control room alongside the flight manuals. Oh, yeah, baby!


And that was my trip to NASA.

Any questions?

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  1. Cidney is quite a writer, I have read all of her Saving Mars series and they are great!
    I can’t wait until the next one.

    1. The vehicle assembly building was … amazing. It was so big my eyes didn’t know how to take it in. They say that the stripes on the flag on the outside are wide enough for a bus to drive on.

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