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Who Makes the Best Chocolate Chippers? Desserts? Breakfasts?

I’ve been rather Mars-focused of late, but I know that most of you reading this found your way here because of The Ripple Trilogy. And you’ve maybe read the bit of back matter in the more recent versions of the Ripple books that makes mention of a cookbook. Well, it is going to be released very, very soon. I am trying to figure out a way to give it to my New Release subscribers for free, so if you haven’t signed up yet to be notified when I publish something new, you should probably stop reading and sign up here. All done? Okay.

So here is a list of what you can expect inside the Official Ripple Trilogy Cookbook:


Will’s Killer Sourdough Waffles or Pancakes

Sylvia’s Worth Getting Up For French Toast

Sylvia’s Buttermilk Pancakes

Bridget Li’s Stollen Without Those Nasty Fruit Bits

Coach Giuliano Fortini’s Gluten-Free Protein Bars



Will’s Tomato Sauce for Pizza

Will’s Pico de Gallo

Sylvia’s Mango Salsa

Dave’s 4 Ingredient Killer Barbecue Sauce

Sylvia’s Best Barbecue Sauce


Will’s Killer Sourdough Bread 

(Yes, I know that shouldn’t be a main dish by normal standards. Just try it and you’ll understand.)

Will’s  Pizza Crust to Die for Recipe.

Will’s Hula Lula Pizza

Coach Giuliano Fortini’s Sausage Pasta

Coach Fortini’s Pad Thai: Carbs for Gluten Intolerant Runners

Dave Ruiz’s Easy Carnitas

Dave Ruiz’s Cheater Enchiladas

Mickie’s Pesto Pasta

Sylvia’s Lasagna

Cassoulet, Recipe by Sir Walter Jean-Baptiste de Rochefort


Bridget Li’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sylvia Ruiz’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mickie’s Fabulous Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Bridget Li’s Regular Polvorones

Bridget Li’s Nut-free Cinnamon Polvorones

Sylvia’s Cheesecake

Bridget Li’s Syllaberry Pie  

There you have it. Twenty-six tried and true recipes from Las Abuelitas, California including a version of Chocolate Chip Cookies from three very strong and opinionated women. Be sure you’re on the mailing list so you can find sample them all! After all, don’t you want to know who makes the best chocolate chippers?


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    1. Teens are always hungry. The food just kept showing up through all the books. Mostly its food I like to make and thought would be fun to share!

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