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Cover Reveal, Anyone? (Plus Giveaway!)

This post is crazy overdue. It’s like I totally forgot that I had a blog. (That is me, working at looking forgetful for you.)

Which isn’t as bad as forgetting that you had a dog or cat or child, but still. It’s pretty bad. Too make up for it, I tried to tweet and visit my facebook page a few times, but that’s not the same.

So I have some making up to do, wouldn’t you say, Internet? I propose a two part apology/make-up/love-fest. Part one: I reveal my NEW AND IMPROVED cover for SAVING MARS which includes a blurb from my Kirkus Reviews, uh, review. Part two: I reveal my BRAND NEW cover for the sequel to Saving Mars.

Oh. Uh oh. I said I had a two part thingamabob and I’m going to have to make that into a THREE PART-ER because Part Three is where I give away a GORGEOUS new paper copy of SAVING MARS to a lucky commenter below. I will sign it, of course, and gladly personalize it for you or a friend.

So! Less chatter! More revealing!

Here are my darlings, in order. You know you want them.

To win the one on the left, fill out the Rafflecopter form below. To get the one on the right, you will, sadly, have to wait until it is released. What’s that? You want to know when it’s coming out? Make sure you are on my New Release email list (which is different from the “subsribe to blog” sign up. Click the link.) With that, I bid you farewell. But only for a short time, this time. Promise!

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13 Replies to “Cover Reveal, Anyone? (Plus Giveaway!)”

  1. Hi Cidney,
    Wow! Loving the new cover for Defying Mars. (Love the SM cover too!)
    I’ve had SM on my wish list so winning a copy would be awesome.
    The worst thing I’ve forgotten to do – replace my daughter’s tooth with the money from the Tooth Fairy. She almost got sprung that time!
    Kim x

    1. Kim, thanks on the cover love!!! My designer is really brilly! And, yeah, teeth. Hmm. Don’t ask my third child about that…

  2. I forgot to leave food for my cat last year went I went to visit my brother for Thanksgiving. Luckily I realized it at the airport and called a friend who has keys to my apartment and asked him to go do it for me. Poor Pizzazz (my cat) I felt so awful! But Jeff saved the day!

  3. I’ve done some pretty bad forgetting. I think the worst thing I’ve forgotten was to pick up my autistic son from his group home on a holiday. An hour after I was supposed to be there, the house called. I felt like such a schmuck. Luckily, we hadn’t left for my in-laws yet.

    Meanwhile, I have “Saving Mars” on my to-read list. Can’t wait to read it!


    P.S. Kim, I forgot to leave money for not one, not two, but THREE teeth for my son. I wound up leaving him extra money and an apology letter from the Tooth Fairy.

  4. Dear Cidney,

    Jeezzzzzzz, will you hurry with these books, I am so anxious to read them. I read them with my Austrailian Shepherd, Priscilla. We cuddle up for some awesome reading. You are among my top authors.

    With many regards,

    1. Heh! Australian Shepherd! Awesome. My sister had just lost hers to a careless driver (hit and run seen by others–horrible!!) when I chose the type of dog for SAVING MARS. Plus, they’re such an uber-intelligent breed that it just seemed to fit. Give Priscilla a cuddle from me!

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